About Hop ‘n Grape Tours

Cameron Clarke - Winemaker / Tour guide

Cameron Clarke (Owner) Tour Guide / Winemaker / Operator

Hi, I’m Cam – your winemaker and tour guide. I’m a fifth generation Kiwi lad (and let’s be honest, we don’t go much further back than that). I was raised on a dairy farm, where I learned to steer a tractor at 4, skin a possum and can cook an awesome bowl of porridge.

I studied winemaking and viticulture in Marlborough and then wandered off to Australia, America and Europe to find the meaning of life (which I found, just ask me).

I love surfing, snowboarding and family holidays with my lovely wife Kylie and our two small children.

With over 15 years in the wine industry, I provide an exclusive Winemaker’s Tour and a unique behind-the-scenes look at New Zealand’s Wine Industry, its faults, foibles and extensive delights.



Kylie Clarke (Owner) Marketing and Administration

Hi I’m Kylie Fleur, a local artist, muralist, art coach, wife, and mother.  Hop ‘n Grape Tours is a combined vision realised.  I’m a perfectionist with high expectations, and keep my wonderful husband on his toes to support him in delivering the BEST Wine and Beer Tour experience to people like YOU!


IMG_1350Bob Tate (Tour Guide)

Hi I’m Bob, I’m a Pohm but after moving to New Zealand 13 years ago I feel like a Kiwi lad now (although I don’t sound like one)!  I trained in Wine and also Hospitality, which means I make people happy.

I love golf, training for “Coast to Coast” (biking and running), I am a husband and father of two, and I admit I am a failed DIY Handy Man.

However, after 13 years in the New Zealand wine industry, with most of my experience having been in Marlborough, I know more than a thing or two about wine making.